Batch Message Creation (With Transactions)

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Batch Message Creation (With Transactions)


I have run into a problem that I will *really* appreciate some suggestions on:

I have a single message that arrives in a ActiveMQ queue. The message contains an ID that is used by a bean to perform a database lookup. The lookup can contain anything up to around one million records. Each of these records need to be added to another queue for further asynchronous processing. Once all of the records have been added to the processing queue, I need to create a new message to perform a status update on the original (single) request. Each of the 'spawned' records is mission critical and cannot be lost/repeated.

The main problem is figuring out a way to create a million records as part of a single XA transaction so that any problems can force a rollback. The messages aren't very big (+-300bytes) each, but a million of them add up :) Ideally, I would like to find a way to break up the transactions into batches of 100 messages. Then if I have an outage on message #899000, it will resume from where it left off once everything is back up & running.

If anyone has some ideas on the best way to implement this sort of functionality, I will be very grateful.