Camel REST DSL - using provided SSL port in karaf

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Camel REST DSL - using provided SSL port in karaf

Hello All,
In my karaf instances, I have many bundles deployed and I use pax-jetty to provide SSL using this configuration in etc/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg:


I want to expose a REST service using the Camel REST DSL.  I am able to expose a REST endpoint using a  different port, however, I would like to re-use this existing port as I only want one inbound SSL port to my server.  Is this possible?  I can get this configuration to work, but it will provide its own port instead of re-using the one that I provide through karaf.

      <restConfiguration component="jetty" port="8888">
         <dataFormatProperty key="prettyPrint" value="true"/>

       <rest path="/foo">
              <get uri="/bar">
                  <to uri="direct:processBar"/>

Any ideas?