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[DISCUSS] Apache Camel website facelift


In august a few of the Camel PMC members happened to be in the same place at the same time (doesn't happen often), have some fun and chat about the project.

One of the points brought up was the need for a camel website facelift. In particular, what we badly need are a logo and (maybe) a new template for the website and we also need to better organize and improve the documentation.

For the site presentation we have a few options and we'd appreciate the community input. We could:
1. start a design contest on the camel site for designers to submit proposals, spread the word, then wait.
2. start a contest on a site like 99designs (I volunteered to sponsor the contest)
3. some other suggestion yet to be made by *you*
4. all of the above.

Regardless of how we do it, the copyright should be transferred to the Camel project at the ASF (not really sure if we really need to go that far, thoughts?), but it must be ASL2 licensed. We want the choice of template/logo to be made by the community via voting. The PMC will retain veto rights in said choice (but they are reasonable folks :), trust me). The author should get credit and recognition and get a link from the camel site to his site.

The issue is that we cannot estimate how many proposals we may get if we go the 1st route (any designer out there interested?) and some said that they had a bad experience with 2.

Any constructive ideas?