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[Feedback from users] JDO - OODBMS and Camel

Charles Moulliard

I would like to know if some camel users have already used their favorite
framework with JDO and OODBMS. I contemplate this question because in my
application which is a Straight Through Processing (STP) one, I transform
external data (received from CSV, ... files) into Java Objects which are
later transformed into external format (FIX, Swift, ...). To avoid to have
too much transformation in the STP process (IN to Internal format, internal
format to text, text to internal format, internal format to external format,
...), I think to use the POJOs as internal format of my application and
applying Java to Java transformation to generate my internal/external

Obviously, I must save/store the objects somewhere to persist data in case
of application crash.

Different approaches exist :

1) Export the content of the object into String, XML, ... and save it in a
text/blob field of a RDBMS
2) Save the object in a BLOB field of a RDBMS
3) Save the objects in a OODBMS
4) idem but using JDO specification top of OODBMS, RDBMS

The 1) is very simple to do but required additional transformations from
object to string and string to objects
The 2) seems better because the object is saved in a BLOB. What about
performance ? Is it the bast way to store objects ?
Scenario 3) 4) are interesting but they required a secondary Database (near
my MySQL DB), will complicated the transaction because I have to handle
three components in case of rollback (JMS, RDBMS and OODBMS
The 4) is perhaps mush more interesting because objects are stored in a
RDBMS and JDO is supported by Spring. I can also done queries top of my DB.
Can I use JDO to also perform my SQL queries ? Probably yes but is it
interesting ?


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