Help with promoting ApacheCON Integration track

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Help with promoting ApacheCON Integration track

Zoran Regvart-2
Hi Cameleers,
as you might have seen[1] the CfP is live for ApacheCON NA and
Camel/Integration has its own track.

Please consider submitting a talk, this is one of the best ways to
reach the community and talk about the project you're directly
involved with.

I would also ask that you promote talk submission: reach out to any
folk that might be interested in presenting and encouraging them to

Also if you have a Twitter account, please retweet this to your followers:

If you have an account on other platforms please share the blog
post[1], and invite folk to submit.

Also this is a good opportunity to repeat that if you'd like access to
the @ApacheCamel Twitter account via TweetDeck, and help in promoting
Camel via that channel, please reach out to me and I can add you to
the team account.


Zoran Regvart