Metrics through Prometheus actuator endpoint

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Metrics through Prometheus actuator endpoint

Espen Andreassen
We are building our applications using Spring Boot + Camel, and Prometheus for collecting metrics. Previously we used s2i, which gave us an extensive set of metrics as a configured JMX exporter is included. Most useful to us are metrics on completed, failed and inflight exchanges.
We decided to not use s2i and JMX exporter for various reasons, and as a result, we no longer have the metrics this setup provides. Instead, we wish to expose a similar set of metrics through the Prometheus actuator endpoint. After doing some digging, we can't seem to find an easy way to achieve this. The camel-micrometer module provides two "RoutePolicy" classes, which gives some metrics, but nowhere near as extensive as using s2i and the JMX exporter.

Are there any ongoing efforts which would provide the same set of metrics, or which would ease the job of implementing something similar on our own?

Regards, Espen

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