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Query regarding camel-csv

Ramon Buckland
Hi All,

camel-csv is designed to marshal and unmarshal data from/to csv format.

I notice in the documentation and in the code that the marshal (to csv) is
expected as a Map, but this is in contrast to unmarshalling, which generates
a List<List<String>>.

An example,

   Given an arbitrary filter bean, I would expect..

   public List<List<String>> doCsvFilter(List<List<String>> csvData) {
       // perform business filtering on CSV data
       return newCsvData;

And an example route of this
     <to uri="bean:myCSVFilterBean?method=doCsvFilter"/>
      ... <!-- other routes -->

but of course, we can only give Maps to <marshal>.

Am I wrong to expect the same in and out ? Is there a better way to filter
CSVs using Camel and another Component (out of the box ?)

Is it possible to get a multi line CSV from marshal by just supplying a Map
? Looking at the code it would seem that it is only designed to generate
Flat (single line) CSV data.

Any suggestions and I will be happy to patch as required.