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Re: Availability of camel-netty-http in Camel 3.x?

Andrea Cosentino-3
No, we removed the camel-netty-http coming from 2.x

Camel-netty-http of Camel 3 is the equivalent of camel-netty4-http from
Camel 2.x

It won't be removed in Camel 3, because there is just one version of the
component: no distinction between Netty and Netty 4, just one component

Il giorno mer 6 mag 2020 alle ore 16:33 Gerald Kallas <[hidden email]>
ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> I was reading in the migration documentation
> "We have removed all deprecated components from Camel 2.x, including the
> old camel-http, camel-hdfs, camel-mina, camel-mongodb, camel-netty,
> camel-netty-http, camel-quartz, camel-restlet and camel-rx components."
> Does that mean that camel-netty-http will be removed soon from Camel 3
> (currently it's still available)?
> Thanks in advance
> - Gerald