Relative Path xsds not found in camel -cxf

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Relative Path xsds not found in camel -cxf

Hello All,

I am facing below problem while exposing cxf web service using contract first approach. My tech stack is camel 2.9.1 with cxf 2.4.2.
if the  WSDL contains nested XSD includes with relative paths such as ../, the path to those includes that is built from their relative path is built incorrectly and a FileNotFoundException is produced. The generated XSD file's path is computed from the server deployment folder location rather than from the WSDL location on the remote machine.

<import schemaLocation="../xsd/MustTradeID.xsd" For this CXF tries to fing xsd in WAS server profile.

Caused by: F:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\xsd\MustTradeID.xsd (The system cannot find the path specified.)
        at Method)