SmbConsumer failes due to missing implementation

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SmbConsumer failes due to missing implementation

Rene Suter
Hi all

I use currently Camel version 2.18.2 and Camel JCIFS version 2.15.0 for accessing Samba shares. The current implementation failes due a missing implementation in class org.apacheextras.camel.component.jcifs.SmbConsumer:

    protected void updateFileHeaders(final GenericFile<SmbFile> file, final Message message) {
        final long length = file.getFileLength();
        final long modified = file.getLastModified();
        if (length >= 0)
            message.setHeader(Exchange.FILE_LENGTH, length);
        if (modified >= 0)
            message.setHeader(Exchange.FILE_LAST_MODIFIED, modified);

Is there a new version planned which solves this issue?