Strategy to measure performance with ActiveMQ / Camel

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Strategy to measure performance with ActiveMQ / Camel

Charles Moulliard

I try to figure out what is the best strategy to measure performance (time
required to process each message in a camel route + time to produce /
consume messages) with a application using ActiveMq / Camel and running in
SMX4. More than 10.000 bytes messages/s are send through MINA to a camel
route, transformed and published in topic. Next another camel route consumed
the messages, validated them and send them to another topic.

When we send more than 15.000msg/s, the server SMX is blocked because we
reach a pick of 800Mb of memory (1GB available). So I would like to check in
the camel route or activemq where we consumed so much memory and the time
taken by each processor to process camel exchanges.


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