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[camel] branch master updated: Regen docs

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     new d0ef71a  Regen docs
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commit d0ef71ad45ce4c4f42f2461e8296c1baa6d0a57e
Author: Andrea Cosentino <[hidden email]>
AuthorDate: Wed Dec 5 16:21:44 2018 +0100

    Regen docs
 components/camel-aws/src/main/docs/aws-sqs-component.adoc | 5 ++++-
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/components/camel-aws/src/main/docs/aws-sqs-component.adoc b/components/camel-aws/src/main/docs/aws-sqs-component.adoc
index 5aa2e6a..6fe4eb5 100644
--- a/components/camel-aws/src/main/docs/aws-sqs-component.adoc
+++ b/components/camel-aws/src/main/docs/aws-sqs-component.adoc
@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ with the following path and query parameters:
 === Spring Boot Auto-Configuration
-The component supports 31 options, which are listed below.
+The component supports 34 options, which are listed below.
@@ -150,6 +150,8 @@ The component supports 31 options, which are listed below.
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.delete-after-read* | Delete message from SQS after it has been read | true | Boolean
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.delete-if-filtered* | Whether or not to send the DeleteMessage to the SQS queue if an exchange fails to get through a filter. If 'false' and exchange does not make it through a Camel filter upstream in the route, then don't send DeleteMessage. | true | Boolean
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.extend-message-visibility* | If enabled then a scheduled background task will keep extending the message visibility on SQS. This is needed if it takes a long time to process the message. If set to true defaultVisibilityTimeout must be set. See details at Amazon docs. | false | Boolean
+| *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.kms-data-key-reuse-period-seconds* | The length of time, in seconds, for which Amazon SQS can reuse a data key to encrypt or decrypt messages before calling AWS KMS again. An integer representing seconds, between 60 seconds (1 minute) and 86,400 seconds (24 hours). Default: 300 (5 minutes). |  | Integer
+| *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.kms-master-key-id* | The ID of an AWS-managed customer master key (CMK) for Amazon SQS or a custom CMK. |  | String
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.maximum-message-size* | The maximumMessageSize (in bytes) an SQS message can contain for this queue. |  | Integer
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.message-attribute-names* | A list of message attribute names to receive when consuming. Multiple names can be separated by comma. |  | String
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.message-retention-period* | The messageRetentionPeriod (in seconds) a message will be retained by SQS for this queue. |  | Integer
@@ -163,6 +165,7 @@ The component supports 31 options, which are listed below.
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.redrive-policy* | Specify the policy that send message to DeadLetter queue. See detail at Amazon docs. |  | String
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.region* | Specify the queue region which could be used with queueOwnerAWSAccountId to build the service URL. |  | String
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.secret-key* | Amazon AWS Secret Key |  | String
+| *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.server-side-encryption-enabled* | Define if Server Side Encryption is enabled or not on the queue | false | Boolean
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.visibility-timeout* | The duration (in seconds) that the received messages are hidden from subsequent retrieve requests after being retrieved by a ReceiveMessage request to set in the com.amazonaws.services.sqs.model.SetQueueAttributesRequest. This only make sense if its different from defaultVisibilityTimeout. It changes the queue visibility timeout attribute permanently. |  | Integer
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.configuration.wait-time-seconds* | Duration in seconds (0 to 20) that the ReceiveMessage action call will wait until a message is in the queue to include in the response. |  | Integer
 | *camel.component.aws-sqs.enabled* | Enable aws-sqs component | true | Boolean