camel-jsonpath in correlationExpression of aggregate EIP

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camel-jsonpath in correlationExpression of aggregate EIP

My input json are



i need to aggregate above input when it has "com.mycompany.app10.Person" , so i tried below route to achieve it but even though i used wrong   jsonpath expression it is getting aggregated.

<route id="aggregate_route2">
            <from id="aggregate_from2" uri="activemq:queue:BeanioAggregate.Q"/>
            <aggregate completionSize="2" id="_aggregate1" strategyRef="myStrategy">
                    <jsonpath suppressExceptions="true">$</jsonpath>
                <log id="aggregate_log1" message="Body aggregate >>${body}"/>
                <to id="aggregate_to2" uri="activemq:queue:Aggregate.Q"/>

How to use the jsonpath in correlation expression to aggregate my input and also have to find the "type" based aggregation also. Thank in advance.