[camel-k] branch fix-submodule created (now a7d36e9)

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[camel-k] branch fix-submodule created (now a7d36e9)

This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

acosentino pushed a change to branch fix-submodule
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-k.git.

      at a7d36e9  Aligned the submodule runtime from camel-k-runtime

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 55fca8e  This is Apache Camel K
     new 62b4354  Scaffolding project structure
     new bfca1f2  Add license headers
     new 8661409  Initial draft of local build system
     new c3d39e6  First e2e working version
     new f42dedf  Detect changes with digest and redeploy
     new ce21143  Added kamel binary
     new ae2a059  Renaming binaries and adding code generation
     new 6275a0c  kamel run Sample.java works
     new d7cefab  Adding JVM runtime
     new 1832a12  Fix JVM runtime references
     new f71e202  Add support for .js, .java and classes
     new 5845d92  Merge pull request #1 from lburgazzoli/scripting
     new 76f8bd9  Add bash completion
     new b045295  Refactor maven builder into its own module
     new fef7130  Fix integration with new runtime classes
     new 9c3d3c1  Merge pull request #2 from lburgazzoli/completion
     new 2ce3c24  swith to full in-memory java compiler and some minro cleanup
     new 09b2624  Merge pull request #3 from lburgazzoli/compile-java
     new a4b7717  Added Property placeholder for commons-lang3 version
     new 446e3d1  Merge pull request #5 from apache/cl3-version
     new 1ca5606  refactor client cmd to be more cobra compliant
     new c96e433  use os/user to determine user home
     new 17c6684  Add get and detection of current namespace
     new f19195f  Remove unused code
     new d827ed2  Add kamel install (docker image still incomplete)
     new 5b3bf76  Fix rebase errors
     new 4f65095  Fix operator role to have lower privileges than the standard user
     new 07b5758  Standardize command options
     new 587e235  Use https instead of git for github.com/nicolaferraro/operator-sdk.git source
     new 15a0210  Added build documentation.
     new b97bf5f  Update readme fix typos
     new 97eee36  Merge pull request #12 from apache/onderson-patch-1
     new d3041ce  Dep version Readme
     new c7f6990  Merge pull request #15 from apache/dep-version-readme
     new eeaf11d  README update
     new 2c743bb  Merge pull request #16 from apache/pr-test
     new 7c57c49  add clean and dep target to Makefile
     new dd3eafa  apply go fmt
     new b62b092  remove import alias and fix naming
     new 4b59b14  Installation and run works
     new 8c40967  Merge pull request #18 from nicolaferraro/master
     new 9851138  runtime: add support for groovy
     new ac3008c  Add getting started guide
     new c83fffa  Add labels to all resources
     new 66d282c  CAMEL-12789: complete install command
     new 3a8be01  Changed log message in Sample.java in order to really rocks!
     new 45c7e9f  Add label to operator service
     new 2c0b6bf  Add uninstall command
     new ab51a14  initial code for integration context
     new ff672fb  Fix typo in print integration context
     new b00ac4e  generate pom using go's xml encoder
     new bff423d  Bump Camel to version 2.22.1
     new 0fc767a  Adding contributing guide
     new 15cd1e5  Fix typos in contributing guide
     new 8ce6226  add support for non java integrations
     new d8bfcac  Route loaders should derive language from 'kamel run --language' #46
     new 19dc6d0  Support set integration name for kamel run
     new e42b5d8  Support set integration name for kamel run, sanitize the name
     new db677d6  Added dep
     new 0db195a  Unable to reinstall the operator fixes #43
     new 6d61e5c  kamel run should support adding dependencies #49
     new c194b5a  Store integration code in a configmap #54
     new c2840db  Add a flag to wait until the integration is running
     new 51294e5  Set this unuseful file to something that will not change
     new aa45c71  Allow buildless direct deploy #31
     new 784e581  Add CRD aliases
     new b97541a  kamel run runtime/examples/Sample.java fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError #57
     new 5c03a35  Fix tests and add release scripts up to cross-compilation
     new 3ba8d5b  Fix integration tests
     new 3676bb5  Support for properties #62
     new 1b89b01  Support for environment variables #65
     new 99f8129  Support for configmap and secrets #67
     new ea382b1  Add support for XML routes #70
     new eeef530  Fix release scripts
     new 80d1cf3  Update release with git tag step
     new 5efc8a9  Add command to increment version
     new 0e429c0  Push snapshot to docker hub when making a new version
     new a4d9ab4  Bump version to 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
     new e417081  fix bug preventint integration to run
     new 8517c33  jvm: improve language detection
     new f2717d0  Context handling improvement
     new dc17a2d  chore(kamel): fix completion generation
     new 864ffae  fix findings
     new 497afdf  chore(cobra): supoport zsh completion
     new 4ee5605  chore(kamel): add some checks arount contexts creation and deletion to prevent actions against platform contexts
     new 698df0d  Merge pull request #81 from lburgazzoli/cobra-cmd
     new 38057de  Added make install-minishift command to build
     new a41ac0b  Added the possibility to specify a namespace
     new 44f1e40  Pod log implementation
     new 7444a81  Simplify install and update readme
     new 70a6c00  Merge pull request #88 from nicolaferraro/master
     new 41d2e3d  chore(cobra): fix code name detection
     new cced8e2  chore(cobra): add autocompletion for configmap and secrets
     new ec2f4bb  kamel install with example
     new 14f4119  Add sync and dev mode
     new 0f9503d  Recompute digest when changing the context
     new 1a40993  Speedup deploy when building a new context
     new dd1d0f5  Embed camel catalog #93
     new 1bf909c  Embed camel catalog #93
     new 25b9aa8  Implementation of auto-discovery
     new d8763dd  Fix typo
     new 97b5a9e  chore: refactor pkg/build to a more idiomatic structure
     new 20a4821  feat(examples): Add a Camel-caffeine Cache java sample
     new 6139f4f  Merge pull request #101 from apache/caffeine-sample
     new 5a780dd  chore: fix golint findings for pkg/install
     new 1655892  fix golint findings for pkg/client
     new 8c5ca85  fix golint findings for pkg/stub/action
     new c92031d  fix golint findings for pkg/util/kubernetes
     new 5fa0938  fix golint findings for pkg/util/maven
     new 529a25d  fix golint findings for pkg/util/openshift
     new 7501383  fix golint findings for pkg/util/watch
     new 8c61e3b  fix golint findings for pkg/util/sync
     new 8db26ed  chore: remove unused code
     new eed2abf  Add delete integration option
     new ec48dc5  Improving code
     new 3e48add  Fix integration tests
     new 29e923d  Bump version to 0.0.3-SNAPSHOT
     new fc75175  maven: remove build step, set updatePolicy
     new 6234cca  maven: use maven like structure to store artifacts at runtime and pre computed classpath file
     new 99493dd  maven: cleanup build process
     new 5477af2  maven: plugin to generate detailed project dependencies
     new cad0003  maven: refactor how dependencies are used
     new 59970ab  chore(context): add dependencies to provided groovy context
     new 8ffe7b5  fix findings
     new 5ceb475  New Asciidoc documentation and docs directory
     new 9e26880  Update titles
     new e6581dd  Add badges
     new 927018a  chore(dep): remove dependency on yaml.v1
     new 2c4fa31  chore(kamel): improve completion and context delete
     new d110a8c  Merge pull request #111 from lburgazzoli/kamel-cmd
     new 0047930  Refactored build module into assembler and publisher
     new 2c51dfd  Added incremental publisher
     new 1b361c0  bind incremental builder to standard flow
     new 3761557  Fixing artifact path and selection algorithm
     new 39a7dd2  Regression for groovy routes #118
     new 994735e  chore(completion): suggest languages
     new e1312ed  Add bindings for rest dsl in groovy/js routes #117
     new 87b56a6  Avoid deprecated addRoutes (replaced by includeRoutes)
     new 272c5f4  Fix "typo" Openshift -> OpenShift
     new 9d8da53  Defer cancel function call returned by WithDeadline in tests
     new 5ae4aec  Remove unreachable code in pod_scraper.go
     new fa97045  Dead link in Developer's guide "runtime"
     new ed658ba  Report correct build status in case of failure
     new c3307f8  Polish and make go-report happy
     new 1e09ec6  Fix some documentation
     new 21caae8  Add IntegrationPlatform CRD
     new 182aa0b  Fix typo
     new d802b6f  Aggregate platform phase from contexts
     new 6d9d529  runtime: support for kotlin runtime
     new 07ea178  First working version of Kaniko builder
     new adc3505  Avoid pvc in Openshift
     new ba8224a  Add make install-minikube command
     new a9078e3  Updated minikube doc
     new fec2815  Fix error when no shared dir is present in Openshift
     new dbdaa9e  Wait for a longer time in Kaniko builds
     new 29e058a  support component configuration from properties
     new d9f4136  chore(assembler): avoid duplicated dependencies
     new 3258b92  chore(doc): add initial doc about using properties
     new cfce48c  Add initial DSL to bind object to camel registry
     new 6304fd0  Merge pull request #141 from lburgazzoli/registry
     new 072f799  chore: small improvement to groovy dls
     new 79395d7  Merge pull request #144 from lburgazzoli/groovy-dsl
     new c54af58  Added an example of binding object in Camel registry in groovy
     new d3a47e7  Added vendor directory to avoid dep ensure
     new 23a482e  Merge pull request #145 from apache/vendor-up
     new cc1ba9c  Added Maven Wrapper
     new 54d99c0  Merge pull request #147 from apache/mvnwrapper
     new e405ce8  Added clean stage to release
     new 4ed81ac  Bump to next Snapshot
     new 7288c17  Add -a to commit message and removed integration test
     new 8676390  runtime: enhance groovy dsl
     new 1dff72c  chore: compile integration tests on make
     new ba5ac21  runtime: improve groovy dsl
     new 2fe4d27  runtime: improve kotlin dsl
     new c7a3760  runtime: improve rest dsl for groovy and kotlin runtimes
     new 4b20fdb  (chore): use operator-sdk master and fix tests
     new b3eccd0  Add option to run from URL
     new 2a41a9c  Fixed the way we report Errors by using Errors.wrap where we can
     new e01265a  Fixed missing errors.Wrap on Filesystem check too
     new fc36113  doc: add initial documentation about integration DSLs
     new b670793  Merge pull request #156 from apache/url-support
     new 6d2b84a  runtime: refine groovy dsl
     new 589711d  Minor fix in the order of operation for sanitizing integration name
     new 192174d  Make goReport happy, again
     new b337274  (chore) Add gitter badge
     new dde22c9  Add travis build info
     new afe0236  Fix script
     new 0859b86  Add badge
     new 23d0287  Initial work on traits
     new 3bbfaad  Moving logic to the trait area
     new 8052da5  Added service trait
     new 56a7b4d  Added route trait
     new e570a93  Fixed errors during redeploy
     new 5d004a8  Added trait configuration
     new de9bcfe  Added tests
     new 0d08f72  Added tests about traits configuration
     new 6243fb7  Added trait command line config
     new 0cf1d60  Fix error handling in trait command line config
     new a87a635  Adding trait doc
     new 8eff17c  Adding doc clarification
     new 19f4c40  Formalize auto-detection
     new 490dd40  Add role-binding for changing OpenShift routes
     new 1c0b201  chore: regen
     new 2f95a71  kamel get should not return contexts #161
     new 71d76ce  Merge pull request #166 from lburgazzoli/github-161
     new 35aa1b3  runtime(groovy) : improve registry dsl
     new 223dc77  cmd(operator): swich to type safe trait definition
     new fb115e8  cmd(kamel): validate traits
     new 72cb20c  Merge pull request #176 from lburgazzoli/typed-traits
     new 4caea26  chore(kamel): simplify integration status watcher
     new 2f942e5  chore(kamel) : add a flag to easilly configure logging
     new 28ff8dc  chore(kamel) : add some colours
     new 278d911  configure camel context from properties #175
     new 635b309  Add log command #153
     new dbe4fff  camel-http4 not recognized automatically #174
     new a804afe  Merge pull request #180 from lburgazzoli/github-174
     new 685bd54  Merge pull request #179 from lburgazzoli/github-153
     new 74147bf  Merge pull request #178 from lburgazzoli/github-175
     new a43526d  chore(logging): move log colouring definition to runtime
     new 3f7ca35  Bump version to 0.0.5-SNAPSHOT
     new 7665228  kamel run --dev mode terminate pod if pressing ctrl + c
     new bf9609f  corrected minor spelling or wrong language reference (Kotlin => JavaScript)
     new 02bbdc7  Initial setup for openshift integration tests
     new f4397a6  fix script
     new 67d4613  use fail fast with travis
     new 86d1a2e  set the kotlin home
     new ddeca45  runtime(kotlin) : switch to kotlin 1.3 scripting
     new 25227da  chore(test) : switch to junit 5
     new 043836a  chore(build): remove deprecated methos
     new 5618b0c  upgrade to operator-sdk 0.0.7
     new 980baca  use a shorter refresh period in the CLI
     new 63e3836  runtime(kotline): update to kotlin 1.3.0 release
     new 397e50e  Merge pull request #195 from lburgazzoli/kotlin-1.3-final
     new a684626  use a working kaniko sha
     new 9af266b  (chore) add an example of xml route
     new 5a1667f  Cannot configure traits #199
     new e915668  Fix compatibility with operator sdk 0.0.7
     new 8ced01e  Document operator-sdk version 0.0.7
     new bacb33c  Refactoring traits package
     new 9b9f743  Add ingress trait
     new 74c1f49  Fix roles for ingress
     new a7057af  Document the ingress trait
     new c028e80  Add host property to the route trait
     new 27e0385  Moved dependencies to a proper trait
     new 5fce954  cloudevents & knative
     new 434b3d9  feat: #207 Provide option to get the Json/Yaml of a integration
     new 3c8da88  Added profiles and Knative serving
     new 057b9ac  Add profile option to run
     new 28fa600  Add automatic configuration to Knative endpoints
     new 98675df  chore(runtime) : add a java rest example with restlet
     new e490506  chore(dependencies): update kotlin to v1.3.10
     new cb8bdeb  chore(dependencies): update camel to v2.22.2
     new 26551ed  chore(dependencies): update camel to v2.22.2
     new 67c4ca8  chore(dependencies): update to maven 3.6.0
     new b92bcf0  chore(dependencies): update to maven 3.6.0
     new a6fe714  chore(runtime): configure maven surefire plugin
     new 612142d  chore(runtime): replace test logging configuration via properties with xml configuiration for camel-knative submodule
     new 7b791bd  Auto-detect Jackson
     new e01f80b  Add eventing subscription
     new 906333d  Renaming types
     new 84985a9  new builder engine
     new 0f596ab  (chore) move knative service to last resource
     new 6d2fae1  chore(builder): remove unused fields, bettern naming
     new 1131b37  runtime: small improvement to the dependency lister plugin
     new 0064989  Fix #226: set correct build dir for Kaniko
     new 77d53a2  (chore) rename knative subscriptions in sources and add doc
     new caaa3d3  Bump version to 0.0.6-SNAPSHOT
     new 8f7c085  refactor: make traits more flexible
     new c052cee  temporary build folder not cleaned up #230
     new 62ed749  GKE configuration working
     new b093089  traits: add builder trait
     new 5c5f527  traits: conditional apply
     new 6f9b34c  traits: add test for builder trait
     new c104443  traits: fix wrong comment
     new c9aadd1  runtime: add a netty4-http based knative component
     new 0eea5e7  Support for multiple integration definitions #45
     new 3e9d907  fix findings
     new 80479d4  Trigger context update when build finishes #113
     new ba28129  initial support for custom maven repositories
     new e096565  initial support for spring boot
     new 965c71b  spring-boot: fix issue with best base image selection
     new 03bcfd8  fix issue with owned resources
     new 747eac5  Make go-report happy again with gofmt
     new 5baf456  Merge pull request #242 from apache/fix-format
     new af80f49  Fixing some govet findings
     new 09c6c23  Merge pull request #243 from apache/govet-fix
     new 7c28e28  typo
     new 43359ed  Merge pull request #244 from davsclaus/master
     new d86e0d9  small adjustments to README (#245)
     new 4bfada0  (chore) fixing GKE documentation
     new 1445a6f  Fix #218: allow to push to Knative
     new b60372a  fix netty header
     new 76e46c9  chore: support for computing knative channel/service host name from uri
     new 9c6b4d1  chore: remove spring boot example bits
     new d300a58  fix pr review findings
     new d0b8c76  chore(dependencies): update camel to v2.23.0
     new 749488a  chore(dependencies): update junit-jupiter to v5.3.2
     new ce8c088  runtime(springboot): set the exact list of dependencies used by spring boot instead of use everithing in the dependencies folder
     new fccb914  chore: add debug trait
     new 147f2d6  chore(deps): allign groovy version to the one used by camel 2.23.0
     new 24e9d2f  chore(deps): update joor to v0.9.10
     new 385a863  chore: add all sorts of linters and pre-commit ...
     new ee8dee2  fix: removed `cmd.ParseFlags`
     new 1e1565d  add an option to always generate a docker image #246
     new 9ab0df1  chore(runtime): code cleanup
     new ec51786  (chore) reorganizing examples
     new 46fe56b  Fix #219: use deployment in Knative when cannot scale to 0
     new 11da911  Fix #209: add a Istio trait
     new 1a844c7  Fix knative service generation and documentation
     new 2da7dd0  Fix after rebase
     new e2cb3f0  Disable debug by default and add doc
     new ae04a8e  Support for compressed source blob #265
     new b599fc0  chore: rename constant KamelPlatform to IntegrationContextTypePlatform
     new f90356f  Allow using compressed sources in Knative profile #270
     new 12adcf0  chore(deps): update kotlin to v1.3.11 (#271)
     new 8fed404  builder: wake up event loop when the container image buils is done to seep up deployment time
     new 89ebbea  Bump version to 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
     new f149941  Fix Kaniko build dir
     new ffbdcd2  Bump version to 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 1e3ed13  chore(lint): fix findings
     new 9ad6974  Refactor traits lifecycle #268
     new d51bb0d  chore(lint): fix cyclomatic complexiti on cmd::run::updateIntegrationCode
     new 3c82efe  trait: add a trait to inject pod metadata as env var #275
     new d193213  Determine active/passive endpoints from Catalog #264
     new f6b4a59  Fix #221: use registry name instead of IP in Knative on Openshift
     new 47b959e  Fix #221: adding the publicImage field for deployments (image to be used for inheritance)
     new 6a8c149  chore(log): make dev-mode work in Knative
     new f6e03b3  chore(dev) make dev mode 10x faster on remote clusters by caching client
     new fae70b1  chore(build): add a simple profile to check for dependencies updates
     new 3cc8a80  chore(git): remove redundant .gitignore files
     new 15f2a91  Inject camel-k version as environment variable #285
     new b4b7c22  runtime: initial support for traits #287
     new 6b33a81  runtime: use camel built-in service loader to find routes loaders
     new 7ffe647  runtime: refactor project layout
     new a2fd69e  refactor: consistent env var management in traits
     new ee4252a  Output all files except for CRDs
     new 8e99a72  Fix CRD serialization
     new d0c3879  Add option to skip cluster setup
     new 8adbd57  Rebase to use new methods
     new 57dd09f  chore(release): package examples to publish them during release
     new ba5820f  Platform options #284
     new 82967d2  chore(runtime): try to lookup routes loaders from registry first, then from resources/services
     new 5bf6455  Display relevant custom columns #274
     new 82c1f82  catalog : include camel-k components #301
     new cc40921  add resources to an integration #241
     new 7de58ca  fix typo
     new 7da47e3  support resources as env var
     new 9da7fd0  Remove the "./" prefix before sanitizing the integration name. (#309)
     new e48fe40  add support for a simple yaml flow
     new 9b7ce11  create knative context #183
     new 0572cd2  chore(lint): fix findings
     new 11ca9c6  inspect xml source code using streaming parser
     new 5140057  chore(client): add a reset command
     new a0b0881  Moving camel environment to API
     new 40e9ab5  Moving Knative env serialization to API
     new 9b0ad02  Add flows to types
     new 38dce53  Add option to provide initial configuration to Knative
     new d522efb  Force setting the default port if missing
     new 94305dd  Adding JSON auto-conversion option
     new 920d3ae  Avoid changing the spec field if not necessary
     new fc708d5  Copy dependencies and context to status
     new 692c4f1  chore(lint): make golangci-lint happy
     new d2fc723  Fix #237: initial migration to operator-sdk 0.3.0
     new d948a43  Fix #237: fix integration tests
     new 37fd80d  Fix #237: creating client wrapper and fix build
     new 660d559  Fix #237: fix cache and runtime conversion
     new abe6dc7  Fix #237: remove legacy openshift groups
     new 7e8c81c  Fix #237: fix bug in context lookup
     new 140ec9f  Fix #237: fix dev mode
     new 9aa4edc  Fix #237: stop reconciliation when reaching the desired state
     new f9d78ff  Fix #237: fix linter
     new 393feec  Fix #237: fix travis
     new 2a23865  Fix #237: add both knative eventing and serving apis to scheme
     new adf3ead  Fix #237: fix installation from scratch
     new 3dc73b0  Fix #237: document changes
     new 5ad33f6  Fix #237: update package structure in contributing guide
     new 2cb5754  Allow to customize contexts create at installation #318
     new f63c7de  chore(ux): show the same basic info with oc and kamel
     new b4f6e02  chore(deps): update groovy to v2.5.5
     new bca59d8  chore(deps): update maven-common-artifact-filters to v3.1.0
     new e5384b6  Option to create an Integration Context from an existing image #316
     new 54da3a7  Fix #312: add predefined image published and builder
     new a69f5fd  Fix #312: add flag to enable predefined image published and builder
     new ac31685  Fix #312: add a none context to avoid creating any if needed
     new a4494ce  Fix #312: fix logging
     new 49ebee4e Fix #312: add publisher to release phase
     new 4390c77  Fix #312: refactor platform image lookup into its own package
     new 9c9305e  Fix #312: make linter happy
     new a114beb  Fix #312: add more testcases and catalog guard
     new 3387b5e  Fix #312: move lookup logic to the images trait
     new aabdc0c  create camel-k-maven-plugin #322
     new 97e5267  chore: refactor source inspector
     new 4b85f0a  support for openapi/swagger #323
     new 056c04f  fix support for openapi/swagger in knative
     new 3f32342  Add a -w flag to kamel install #135
     new 0087d1b  Add a state to integrations waiting for platform to be ready #136
     new 9de63d8  Fix bug in compression utils
     new 0eaa140  openapi: fix automatic service configuration
     new 6065852  chore(maven): add extra options by default
     new 7116fb8  chore(test): fix flaky test
     new 336fd22  Bump to Camel 2.23.1 (#337)
     new 983f8ff  chore(platform): do not fail if registry is not defined (until you need to build a image)
     new 9747073  Fix #305: allow to customize service account
     new f8ae382  Fix #324: use standard deployment when knative-services are not needed
     new ce16c41  Rebase on latest master
     new 4f3393d  Upgrade Jackson to version 2.9.8 (#339)
     new cab8231  chore(catalog): regenerate catalog after updating camel to 2.23.1
     new 92362f3  Allow to configure the base image used to run integrations #340
     new 92a8652  builder: add hooks to the builder state changes to update resources when the build completes (#343)
     new 476d2c2  chore(cmd): do not use RunE in reset command
     new da17160  IntegrationContext builds sometimes fail #279
     new eccbac5  Merge pull request #346 from lburgazzoli/github-279
     new 3a3a086  chore(contributing.adoc): Add explanation to add KOTLIN_JDK_HOME for building on MacOs
     new 1f91e50  chore: regenerated resources.go
     new d3e646c  fix(kamel log): Use integration name for looking up containers
     new dc719e9  fix openapi handling when used in conjunction with deployment.container-image=true
     new a588b45  chore(controller): async actions need a dedicated Context
     new 35d0369  fix npe on rest trait
     new c2053bf  Sort on linux is different from OSX
     new 554cfbe  Bump version to 0.2.X
     new 1eadb53  Add standard deployment annotations for knative
     new 51f2f4c  Bump version to 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT
     new f7714fe  Enable status subresource for integration
     new dbc8a6c  Allow to configure the location fo the local maven repo #358
     new 73c23dc  build handlers: split buld step in two phases: submit and run
     new 5189054  chore(release): add publisher to makefile
     new eb18b60  Prometheus trait initial implementation
     new cb9f891  Activate the Prometheus Java agent according to the eponym trait configuration
     new c03f531  runtime: improve discovery and configuration of runtime traits
     new b06cc94  Merge pull request #371 from lburgazzoli/runtime-traits
     new fda6df9  Added a commit to explain why duoble trait.apply is used in RuntimeSupport.java
     new b4f4e14  Configure Prometheus agent port based on trait property
     new 027eaf0  Jolokia trait initial implementation
     new 10a590e  Deactivate the Prometheus agent in trait Apply instead of Configure
     new f56f04a  chore(s2i): update base image to 3.0-java8
     new e7427c7  chore(deps): update kotlin to v1.3.20
     new 3290846  runtime: simplify loader development
     new 3c98d04  kamel stuck when a secret has an illegal name #356
     new 4d78db4  Fix trait properties to kebab case
     new fb419a4  Failed to resolve endpoint: twitter-search #370
     new 03f8af7  Service and Prometheus traits aggregate into a single service per integration
     new 0d3c881  Use consistent logging style #362
     new 673553d  Automatically apply defaults to platform configuration #365
     new c07b579  Add container ports to integration deployment
     new f3044c7  Aggregate multiple occurences of the same run command CLI option into a comma-separated string configuration
     new 94c9c47  Fixed AddDependency in integration_type_support.go to handle default case instead of discarding.
     new eacce7d  Fix comment about multi-valuated CLI trait configuration option
     new e9c4932  Add Prometheus ServiceMonitor labels trait configuration
     new cdbc09d  Use named target ports in integration service
     new 4f1e9a3  Fixed array index out of boun that would kill camel-k operator in case of a malformed --dependency
     new 92328ab  Merge pull request #396 from valdar/fixParseGAV
     new 3c2c9ca  Jolokia trait configuration maps JVM agent options directly
     new ec8f3b8  Improve error handling while parsing Prometheus service monitor labels
     new e415310  chore(maven): simplify maven model
     new 055c0fb  Update Jolokia trait documentation
     new 637f32a  Merge pull request #404 from astefanutti/jolokia-03
     new 49df1be  Factorize CSV map string parsing
     new c57247e  Default OpenShift proxy client principal in Jolokia trait
     new de163ac  The example RestWithRestlet does not work calling its service via curl or webbrowser #402
     new 9dccf73  Add an option to deactivate ServiceMonitor resource creation in Prometheus trait
     new e4fb63b  Fix CSV map string parsing
     new 3c3e250  camel-knative: support for cloud events specs v0.2 #376
     new df987e5  chore(lint): fix lint fidings and standardize traits initialization
     new 6b79970  fix context.Context misuse
     new d956b23  Renamed RuntimeTrait in ContextCustomizer since the name clashed and created confusion. Changed ContextCustomizer.apply(...) signature to pass a RuntimeRegistry in addition to CamelContext.
     new af45bf2  runtime: ensure that the generated project uses the right camel version #384
     new f25d0c0  chore(k8s): fix types
     new 6272b82  chore(runtime): update dependencies
     new eb3cfb8  Moved route loading of jvm-runtime inside a Listner to load them after context customizers have run.k
     new d142569  Fixed --property flag, now commas can be used inside flag's value.
     new 304720e  feature(build): support jitpack.io
     new 7bfe640  chore(api): fix type used to express failures time
     new c1a8636  catalog should be available as custom resource #302
     new ef392d2  support for semver catalog resolution #414
     new f602d71  chore(lint): fix findings
     new a4ce12f  fix review findings #414
     new 21db7f0  fix for wrong pom generation
     new 07d7817  enhancement(runtime): improve runtime lifecycle handling
     new da5bc1f  Support transfering annotations and labels from an integration onto owned resources
     new 984b4af  chore(runtime): prepare for deployment
     new 059ae48  Merge pull request #425 from lburgazzoli/deploy-info
     new 266fff8  Set Maven batch mode for CI Maven build
     new e8f0d79  chore(catalog): reduce build_catalog.sh verbosity
     new 24306ad  Deactivate Downloading/Downloaded Maven log messages from CI build
     new ebda259  feature(kamel): Validate --context when given
     new b9751f1  Upgrade operator SDK to version 0.5.0
     new 3d1705e  Fix operator leader election
     new 158a220  Fix typos in traits doc
     new 55cac7e  chore(deploy snapshot): deploy runtime snapshots to apache snapshot repo, fixes #432
     new 1648718  Resolving Issue #437
     new cc7735d  Add garbage collector trait
     new 86c42bd  Pass garbage collection items by values instead of references
     new 0024079  fix rest dsl generation
     new 00b98d1  Add field 'camel-version' to Integration CRD #439
     new 8483364  chore(lint): fix findings
     new c269da5  Error while deploying integration in Knative based environment #436
     new 22ee3d3  chore(runtime): add license headers
     new 8c567ff  Cannot deploy integration if not in the root package #41
     new c264a02  chore(runtime): use parametrized tests to test routes loaders
     new fc6b1e6  chore(build): deploy camel-k runtime artifacts to apache snapshot automatically, fixes #447
     new 85eb7ae  Merge pull request #448 from apache/fix-447
     new b8e4a9a  Test for merge job on CI
     new 1dfd73c  Fixed Jenkinsfile
     new 8496737  Merge pull request #449 from apache/fix-jenk
     new ae0ce5c  Remove deploy phase from test and install stage
     new 2e2aac8  Merge pull request #450 from apache/fix-jenk-2
     new cdd80c0  chore(catalog): improve camel catalog generation
     new 59ab4b6  Merge pull request #451 from lburgazzoli/github-446
     new 53d9280  Added release profile
     new e99f5b0  Merge pull request #454 from apache/release-profile
     new 38ff3ef  Enable status subresource for integration platform
     new 0c3d075  Added a FailIfNoTests option to Surefire
     new afc043b  Merge pull request #457 from apache/surefire-failIFNoTests
     new 77636ef  Enable status subresource for integration context
     new 3024232  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-k-runtime-parent-0.2.1
     new 89f9f95  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of camel-k-runtime-parent-0.2.1
     new 9525fda  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-k-runtime-parent-0.2.1
     new 8a67cfb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 88d6d70  set version to 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 32c9603  fix(publisher): fix catalog handling
     new 0070c44  Bump version to 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 7d14aed  Optimize reconciliation loops
     new 0eb3f1f  add a tool to generate json schema from custom resources #461
     new 4fb84e5  Add a phase to wake up integration reconcile loop on context build completion
     new ee8a86d  Fix lint errors
     new 1b97884  fix(semver): support exact version match when looking up camel catalog
     new c4dd1ed  chore(lint): fix findings
     new b38dca7  Remove unecessary Go dep overrides
     new 580794d  fix(traits): ensure an error is returned to the caller if a catalog cannot be found
     new 631de4f  Removed runtime folder
     new 350ab11  chore(refactor): Fixes #470, moved camel-k-runtime into his own repo
     new ac265fa  Removed JenkinsFile since it used by the runtime repo now
     new 93a49b9  Merge pull request #475 from apache/jenkins-pr-merge-job
     new a7d36e9  Aligned the submodule runtime from camel-k-runtime

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