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[camel-k-runtime] branch bump-version created (now f1e7652)

This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

acosentino pushed a change to branch bump-version
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-k-runtime.git.

      at f1e7652  Bump to 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 37be71a  Initial import
     new e2bfda2  Adding JVM runtime
     new 4363dca  Add support for .js, .java and classes
     new 2dca3ec  Fix integration with new runtime classes
     new dc0d072  swith to full in-memory java compiler and some minro cleanup
     new 839b67c  Added Property placeholder for commons-lang3 version
     new dd37cbd  runtime: add support for groovy
     new 252114f  initial code for integration context
     new 92e35eb  Bump Camel to version 2.22.1
     new 6708ec9  add support for non java integrations
     new 6bf7879  Route loaders should derive language from 'kamel run --language' #46
     new a5b3a25  kamel run should support adding dependencies #49
     new 4f2828f  kamel run runtime/examples/Sample.java fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError #57
     new 1ff678e  Support for properties #62
     new 20f1912  Support for environment variables #65
     new 3996d16  Support for configmap and secrets #67
     new 61c7692  Add support for XML routes #70
     new 50631cf  Bump version to 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
     new 5c0f115  fix bug preventint integration to run
     new 8edda17  jvm: improve language detection
     new 525479e  Context handling improvement
     new 6118f46  Embed camel catalog #93
     new c14e7af  Embed camel catalog #93
     new aeba7a0  Implementation of auto-discovery
     new 3d6efa7  feat(examples): Add a Camel-caffeine Cache java sample
     new 40cc47d  Bump version to 0.0.3-SNAPSHOT
     new 73ca6ce  maven: plugin to generate detailed project dependencies
     new a2509a4  Add bindings for rest dsl in groovy/js routes #117
     new aa37b99  Avoid deprecated addRoutes (replaced by includeRoutes)
     new 8404298  Fix typo
     new 9eb625c  runtime: support for kotlin runtime
     new 7ff7efd  support component configuration from properties
     new ea4dbdb  Add initial DSL to bind object to camel registry
     new 5067f29  chore: small improvement to groovy dls
     new 493708d  Added an example of binding object in Camel registry in groovy
     new c032749  Bump to next Snapshot
     new 4276333  runtime: enhance groovy dsl
     new 8e5ff08  runtime: improve groovy dsl
     new 8624567  runtime: improve kotlin dsl
     new be96f08  runtime: improve rest dsl for groovy and kotlin runtimes
     new 64a3b6a  doc: add initial documentation about integration DSLs
     new b3e4d3c  runtime: refine groovy dsl
     new de2dd4e  Fixed errors during redeploy
     new 736ee40  runtime(groovy) : improve registry dsl
     new 6a5ac56  configure camel context from properties #175
     new 124af0b  chore(logging): move log colouring definition to runtime
     new 2c098ea  Bump version to 0.0.5-SNAPSHOT
     new 4a988f7  runtime(kotlin) : switch to kotlin 1.3 scripting
     new 3d43779  chore(test) : switch to junit 5
     new 191c209  chore(build): remove deprecated methos
     new 1d4126e  runtime(kotline): update to kotlin 1.3.0 release
     new 8d6047b  (chore) add an example of xml route
     new 1108cae  cloudevents & knative
     new bcdef14  Added profiles and Knative serving
     new 09ee1f2  Add automatic configuration to Knative endpoints
     new 8b903a5  chore(runtime) : add a java rest example with restlet
     new 0ef99e2  chore(dependencies): update kotlin to v1.3.10
     new d8a1f12  chore(dependencies): update camel to v2.22.2
     new 08d45f0  chore(dependencies): update to maven 3.6.0
     new a5fb2bd  chore(runtime): configure maven surefire plugin
     new 4c056ab  chore(runtime): replace test logging configuration via properties with xml configuiration for camel-knative submodule
     new 8305a60  Add eventing subscription
     new 2b77886  runtime: small improvement to the dependency lister plugin
     new c8c2ff6  Bump version to 0.0.6-SNAPSHOT
     new 5acc7fe  runtime: add a netty4-http based knative component
     new 4643a42  Support for multiple integration definitions #45
     new fea66ef  fix findings
     new 9de9b09  initial support for spring boot
     new 07ba605  Fix #218: allow to push to Knative
     new 0752ace  fix netty header
     new b47bc53  chore: support for computing knative channel/service host name from uri
     new a4326ad  chore: remove spring boot example bits
     new e46e2e2  fix pr review findings
     new b6d18bb  chore(dependencies): update camel to v2.23.0
     new acd3d72  chore(dependencies): update junit-jupiter to v5.3.2
     new be33da6  chore(deps): allign groovy version to the one used by camel 2.23.0
     new 6366efd  chore(deps): update joor to v0.9.10
     new f4d97bb  chore(runtime): code cleanup
     new 65cb562  (chore) reorganizing examples
     new 560024e  Support for compressed source blob #265
     new 4093c46  chore(deps): update kotlin to v1.3.11 (#271)
     new 755db4c  Bump version to 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 1abe617  Bump version to 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 144cb1e  Determine active/passive endpoints from Catalog #264
     new 1cd30d3  chore(build): add a simple profile to check for dependencies updates
     new f3275e0  chore(git): remove redundant .gitignore files
     new 4dfa2c4  runtime: initial support for traits #287
     new 03f4943  runtime: use camel built-in service loader to find routes loaders
     new 90a4d81  runtime: refactor project layout
     new f2ccd48  chore(runtime): try to lookup routes loaders from registry first, then from resources/services
     new 6ef0e35  catalog : include camel-k components #301
     new 0b2f181  support resources as env var
     new 70965f2  add support for a simple yaml flow
     new 8e77c33  Adding JSON auto-conversion option
     new 444af0e  chore(deps): update groovy to v2.5.5
     new dd2858b  chore(deps): update maven-common-artifact-filters to v3.1.0
     new 2591653  create camel-k-maven-plugin #322
     new fd1d4e1  support for openapi/swagger #323
     new 119dfb1  Bump to Camel 2.23.1 (#337)
     new 915e808  Upgrade Jackson to version 2.9.8 (#339)
     new a42e730  Bump version to 0.2.X
     new 3a95b96  Bump version to 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT
     new 64b4851  runtime: improve discovery and configuration of runtime traits
     new a0366dd  Added a commit to explain why duoble trait.apply is used in RuntimeSupport.java
     new 15ae763  chore(deps): update kotlin to v1.3.20
     new 3a7b4eb  runtime: simplify loader development
     new e69615b  The example RestWithRestlet does not work calling its service via curl or webbrowser #402
     new 48159af  camel-knative: support for cloud events specs v0.2 #376
     new e6f3e7f  Renamed RuntimeTrait in ContextCustomizer since the name clashed and created confusion. Changed ContextCustomizer.apply(...) signature to pass a RuntimeRegistry in addition to CamelContext.
     new d24014f  runtime: ensure that the generated project uses the right camel version #384
     new ef70a2e  chore(runtime): update dependencies
     new 1668f90  Moved route loading of jvm-runtime inside a Listner to load them after context customizers have run.k
     new 6407e0b  catalog should be available as custom resource #302
     new 94ab527  enhancement(runtime): improve runtime lifecycle handling
     new f93dd8f  chore(runtime): prepare for deployment
     new 8adcd54  Error while deploying integration in Knative based environment #436
     new 22bc96f  chore(runtime): add license headers
     new 2ff06f7  Cannot deploy integration if not in the root package #41
     new 2b3375f  chore(runtime): use parametrized tests to test routes loaders
     new 8cf5071  chore(catalog): improve camel catalog generation
     new 4656bd7  Added release profile
     new 8799a45  Added a FailIfNoTests option to Surefire
     new 66ce3ca  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-k-runtime-parent-0.2.1
     new 711fd47  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of camel-k-runtime-parent-0.2.1
     new b974809  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release camel-k-runtime-parent-0.2.1
     new 0cc5df3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1bc48d9  Merge pull request #1 from apache/import-runtime
     new f1e7652  Bump to 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT

The 128 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
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