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[camel-spring-boot] branch camel-spring-boot-3.4.x updated: Regen

This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

davsclaus pushed a commit to branch camel-spring-boot-3.4.x
in repository https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/camel-spring-boot.git

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/camel-spring-boot-3.4.x by this push:
     new 10766df  Regen
10766df is described below

commit 10766df33e1ddaa59e04429cf9b4e1349d3613a0
Author: Claus Ibsen <[hidden email]>
AuthorDate: Fri Aug 14 10:52:24 2020 +0200

 .../org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/crypto-cms.json      | 2 +-
 .../resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/jpa.json   | 2 +-
 .../resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/rest.json  | 2 +-
 3 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/crypto-cms.json b/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/crypto-cms.json
index e369915..113509f 100644
--- a/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/crypto-cms.json
+++ b/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/crypto-cms.json
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
     "fromBase64": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "From Base64", "group": "decrypt_verify", "label": "decrypt_verify", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.sig.DefaultSignedDataVerifierConfiguration", "configurationField": "verifyConfig", "description": "If true then the CMS message is base 64 encoded and must be decoded during the proces [...]
     "contentEncryptionAlgorithm": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Content Encryption Algorithm", "group": "encrypt", "label": "encrypt", "required": false, "type": "string", "javaType": "java.lang.String", "enum": [ "AES\/CBC\/PKCS5Padding", "DESede\/CBC\/PKCS5Padding", "Camellia\/CBC\/PKCS5Padding", "CAST5\/CBC\/PKCS5Padding" ], "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.EnvelopedDataEncryptorConfiguration", "configura [...]
     "originatorInformationProvider": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Originator Information Provider", "group": "encrypt", "label": "encrypt", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.common.OriginatorInformationProvider", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.EnvelopedDataEncryptorConfiguration", "configurationField": "encryptConfig", "description": "Provider for the  [...]
-    "recipient": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Recipient", "group": "encrypt", "label": "encrypt", "required": false, "type": "array", "javaType": "java.util.List<org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.RecipientInfo>", "multiValue": true, "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.EnvelopedDataEncryptorConfiguration", "configurationField": "encryptConfig", "description": "Recipient Info: reference to a bean which [...]
+    "recipient": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Recipient", "group": "encrypt", "label": "encrypt", "required": false, "type": "array", "javaType": "java.util.List<org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.RecipientInfo>", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.EnvelopedDataEncryptorConfiguration", "configurationField": "encryptConfig", "description": "Recipient Info: reference to a bean which implements the inte [...]
     "secretKeyLength": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Secret Key Length", "group": "encrypt", "label": "encrypt", "required": false, "type": "integer", "javaType": "int", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.EnvelopedDataEncryptorConfiguration", "configurationField": "encryptConfig", "description": "Key length for the secret symmetric key used for the content encryption. Only used if the specified content-encrypt [...]
     "unprotectedAttributesGeneratorProvider": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Unprotected Attributes Generator Provider", "group": "encrypt", "label": "encrypt", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.common.AttributesGeneratorProvider", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.crypt.EnvelopedDataEncryptorConfiguration", "configurationField": "encryptConfig", "description": " [...]
     "toBase64": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "To Base64", "group": "encrypt_sign", "label": "encrypt_sign", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "java.lang.Boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": "false", "configurationClass": "org.apache.camel.component.crypto.cms.sig.SignedDataCreatorConfiguration", "configurationField": "signConfig", "description": "Indicates whether the Signed Data or Enveloped Data instance shall be base 64 encoded. Defa [...]
diff --git a/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/jpa.json b/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/jpa.json
index 2c8c3d4..299bd82 100644
--- a/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/jpa.json
+++ b/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/jpa.json
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
     "transacted": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Transacted", "group": "consumer", "label": "consumer", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": false, "description": "Whether to run the consumer in transacted mode, by which all messages will either commit or rollback, when the entire batch has been processed. The default behavior (false) is to commit all the previously successfully processed messages, and  [...]
     "exceptionHandler": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Exception Handler", "group": "consumer (advanced)", "label": "consumer,advanced", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "org.apache.camel.spi.ExceptionHandler", "optionalPrefix": "consumer.", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "To let the consumer use a custom ExceptionHandler. Notice if the option bridgeErrorHandler is enabled then this option is not in use. By default the consumer will deal with [...]
     "exchangePattern": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Exchange Pattern", "group": "consumer (advanced)", "label": "consumer,advanced", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "org.apache.camel.ExchangePattern", "enum": [ "InOnly", "InOut", "InOptionalOut" ], "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "Sets the exchange pattern when the consumer creates an exchange." },
-    "parameters": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Parameters", "group": "consumer (advanced)", "label": "consumer,advanced", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "java.util.Map<java.lang.String, java.lang.Object>", "multiValue": true, "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "This key\/value mapping is used for building the query parameters. It is expected to be of the generic type java.util.Map where the keys are the named parameters of a given JPA query a [...]
+    "parameters": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Parameters", "group": "consumer (advanced)", "label": "consumer,advanced", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "java.util.Map<java.lang.String, java.lang.Object>", "prefix": "parameters.", "multiValue": true, "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "This key\/value mapping is used for building the query parameters. It is expected to be of the generic type java.util.Map where the keys are the named paramete [...]
     "pollStrategy": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Poll Strategy", "group": "consumer (advanced)", "label": "consumer,advanced", "required": false, "type": "object", "javaType": "org.apache.camel.spi.PollingConsumerPollStrategy", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "A pluggable org.apache.camel.PollingConsumerPollingStrategy allowing you to provide your custom implementation to control error handling usually occurred during the poll operation before an Exchange h [...]
     "findEntity": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Find Entity", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": false, "description": "If enabled then the producer will find a single entity by using the message body as key and entityType as the class type. This can be used instead of a query to find a single entity." },
     "flushOnSend": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Flush On Send", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": "true", "description": "Flushes the EntityManager after the entity bean has been persisted." },
diff --git a/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/rest.json b/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/rest.json
index 4898ee7..8126405 100644
--- a/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/rest.json
+++ b/catalog/camel-catalog-provider-springboot/src/main/resources/org/apache/camel/springboot/catalog/components/rest.json
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
     "host": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Host", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "string", "javaType": "java.lang.String", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "Host and port of HTTP service to use (override host in openapi schema)" },
     "lazyStartProducer": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Lazy Start Producer", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": false, "description": "Whether the producer should be started lazy (on the first message). By starting lazy you can use this to allow CamelContext and routes to startup in situations where a producer may otherwise fail during starting and cause the  [...]
     "producerComponentName": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Producer Component Name", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "string", "javaType": "java.lang.String", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "The Camel Rest component to use for (producer) the REST transport, such as http, undertow. If no component has been explicit configured, then Camel will lookup if there is a Camel component that integrates with the Rest DSL, or if a  [...]
-    "queryParameters": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Query Parameters", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "string", "javaType": "java.lang.String", "multiValue": true, "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "Query parameters for the HTTP service to call" },
+    "queryParameters": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Query Parameters", "group": "producer", "label": "producer", "required": false, "type": "string", "javaType": "java.lang.String", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "description": "Query parameters for the HTTP service to call. The query parameters can contain multiple parameters separated by ampersand such such as foo=123&bar=456." },
     "basicPropertyBinding": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Basic Property Binding", "group": "advanced", "label": "advanced", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": false, "description": "Whether the endpoint should use basic property binding (Camel 2.x) or the newer property binding with additional capabilities" },
     "synchronous": { "kind": "parameter", "displayName": "Synchronous", "group": "advanced", "label": "advanced", "required": false, "type": "boolean", "javaType": "boolean", "deprecated": false, "secret": false, "defaultValue": "false", "description": "Sets whether synchronous processing should be strictly used, or Camel is allowed to use asynchronous processing (if supported)." }