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Ramon Buckland
Hi All,

I have a need to create a new dataformat which will de/encrypt a message
using OpenGPG (BouncyCastle).

The actual details is that a file is on a remote sftp server, and is
encrypted using GnuGPG. It will need to be sftp pulled once a day, decrypted
using our private key and placed in a directory elsewhere.

That is no problem, I will be putting the pieces of it together shortly. ..
of course it means adding another component.

My question is:

    Has anyone thought of bundling like components, in order that the
component number (and thus optional 'camel' jars, is reduced) ?

    I can see a plus side of the current way, one project encapsulates all
of that "component's" dependencies.
    the downside I (feel) is that there is a heck of a lot of components
going on.. correlating to IDE projects and mvn pom overhead, and will only
grow more so (which is GREAT!)

I don't really have a thought on any way or form, but was just wondering if
anybody had given it thought as I have over the past few days.

Specifically to my requirement above, the ZIP and this Encrypt/Decrypt are
kind of related so could both reside in a


                   component, which can provide, ZIP, GZIP, OpenGPG, MD5
summing (and if someother are game, all other manner of BouncyCastle
en/decryption goodness)

 just a thought..