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thoughts on expression tracing...

It seems a common gotcha is with XPath (which turns out to be a very
complex language when used outside of XSLT); I was just working with a
customer who was aggregating/correlating using XPaths and was actually
returning a list of nodes to correlate on rather than creating a
unique string.

As a quick band aid I added this change

but I wonder what we can do to help this going forward. I just wanted
to throw this out to see if others had any good ideas. e.g. maybe we
need an expression tracing mechanism; so we can enable/disable tracing
of all expressions (or maybe just for different languages or maybe
just for different nodes - say filter versus aggregator correlation

For sure we could make the expression evaluation a little more clever
- such as to coerce to Strings more often etc.

I just wondered if others had any thoughts?


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