[ANNOUNCE] Apache Camel 2.11.4 Released

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[ANNOUNCE] Apache Camel 2.11.4 Released

The Apache Camel project [1] is a powerful open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns [2].

The Camel community announces the immediate availability of the new patch release camel-2.11.4.

The artifacts are published and ready for you to download [3] either from the Apache mirrors or from the Central Maven repository.
For more details please take a look at the release notes [4].

Many thanks to the Camel community for the hard work.


[1] http://camel.apache.org/
[2] http://camel.apache.org/enterprise-integration-patterns.html
[3] http://camel.apache.org/download.html
[4] http://camel.apache.org/camel-2114-release.html