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Dhiraj Bokde (Confluence)

Jetty has been edited by willem jiang (Jul 06, 2008).

Change summary:

Added the sessionSupport option for the jetty component

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Jetty Component

The jetty: component provides HTTP based endpoints for consuming HTTP requests that arrive at an http endpoint.

URI format



Name Description Example Required? default value
sessionSupport The option for enable the session manager in the server side of Jetty. sessionSupport=true No false


You can only consume from endpoints generated by the Jetty component. Therefore it should only be used as input into your camel Routes. To issue HTTP requests against other HTTP endpoints you can use the HTTP Component

See Also


from("timer://foo?fixedRate=true&delay=0&period=10000").to("jetty:http://www.google.com").setHeader(FileComponent.HEADER_FILE_NAME, "message.html").to("file:target/hello");

Poll the google homepage every 10 seconds and write the page to the file message.html