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Dhiraj Bokde (Confluence)

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Web Browsing of SVN

To browse via the web use the ViewVC interface:

Or to browse the source tree directly:

Web Browing Using FishEye

A hearty thanks to Atlassian for providing FishEye hosting for ActiveMQ. Below is the URL to browse the Subversion repo via FishEye:

Checking out from SVN

svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/camel/trunk camel

Only project developers can commit to the SVN tree via this method. SSH must be installed on your client machine. Enter your site password when prompted.

SVN and Eclipse

See this article for getting started guides. Basically you need subclipse


We use the trunk for the next main release; then we use a branch for any bug fixes on the previous major release. You can look at all branches here


The branch for Camel 1.x is here


Building the code

To then build the code see Building.