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User Stories

This page is intended as a place to collect user stories and feedback on Apache Camel. If you are using or have tried Apache Camel please add an entry or comment; or post to the Discussion Forums.

Company or Project Description
Apache ActiveMQ Uses Camel to add Enterprise Integration Patterns support into the ActiveMQ broker. If you run an out of the box ActiveMQ broker, look in conf/activemq.xml and you'll see <camelContext> with some example routing rules. Can be used to bridge ActiveMQ with any of the camel Components.
Apache ServiceMix Uses Camel as a routing engine as a JBI service unit for use either in JBI or OSGi to route between JBI endpoints. See the tutorial or example
FUSE Mediation Router from Progress:FUSE Source FUSE Source provides a commercial distribution of Camel complete with additional features and support such as Artix Data Services, FIX, MSMQ as well as improved documenation and samples.
FUSE ESB from FUSE Source FUSE provides a commercial distribution of Apache ServiceMix which includes FUSE Mediation Router which is a distribution of Camel
Open ESB Camel SE Provides a JBI Service Engine for Open ESB. See the example using OpenESB and Fuji
SubRecord Uses Camel for routing and EDA processing
Open eHealth Integration Platform The Open eHealth Integration Platform (IPF) is an extension of the Apache Camel routing and mediation engine. It has an application programming layer based on the Groovy programming language and comes with comprehensive support for message processing and connecting systems in the eHealth domain.