CXF route in blueprint with policy and sts

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CXF route in blueprint with policy and sts

Oliver Wulff
Hi there

I've created a simple route in blueprint from cxf endpoint to another cxf endpoint. When I deploy this in Karaf the bundle stays in "GracePeriod" and the following exception is logged:

2013-11-18 16:06:36,556 | INFO  | Thread-842       | BlueprintContainerImpl           | container.BlueprintContainerImpl  303 | 7 - org.apache.aries.blueprint.core - 1.1.0 | Bundle route1 is waiting for namespace handlers []

This is a snippet of my blueprint definition:

<blueprint xmlns=""

      <cxf:logging />

  <cxfcamel:cxfEndpoint id="proxyCRMEndpoint"
          <wsp:PolicyReference URI="classpath:/ut.policy" />
      <entry key="schema-validation-enabled" value="false" />
      <entry key="ws-security.ut.validator" value="" />
      <entry key="ws-security.sts.client">
        <bean class="">
          <argument ref="cxf"/>
          <property name="wsdlLocation" value="http://localhost:8040/services/SecurityTokenService/UT?wsdl"/>
          <property name="serviceName"
          <property name="endpointName"
          <property name="tokenType" value=""/>

I've found several namespace for cxf schemas. In CXF there is one for spring, one for blueprint, for some there is a counterpart in camel and as well one for camel blueprint. This is a little bit confusing.

For CXF there are several schemas in Camel:

Which is the right one to use and which do I have to use for policy to resolve the issue with the namespace handler?

Thanks a lot