Call for presentations - ApacheCon North America 2020

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Call for presentations - ApacheCon North America 2020

Zoran Regvart-2
Hi Cameleers,
ApacheCon North America this year is in New Orleans, US from 28th of
September 28 till 2nd of October.

As last year there will be a Camel/Integration track and I would like
to invite you to participate, either by attending the talks or even
better by presenting at the event.

For the Camel/Integration track, we're most interested to see talks
that offer learning experience to the attendees, so talks that present
new parts of the Camel ecosystem (Camel K, Camel Quarkus, Camel Kafka
Connector), talks showing off lessons learned, use cases, and visions
on where software integration is heading in the future.

If you need help drafting your talk please reach out to me.

Please register to attend or submit your talk at:

Deadline for talk submissions is May 1st.

Zoran Regvart