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[Camel 2.0] - Help testing refactored File component

Claus Ibsen-2

In Camel 2.0 we have refactored the File component to leverage a VFS
within Camel itself (common code/interface is named GenericFileXXX)

As the file component is used extensivly within Camel itself and to
test all camel components it would be great if we could give it a test
drive on various OS before making the change permanent.

So if you have the time then please test it as:

You can change to use NewFileComponent by:

Change these lines:


In the file:

Run tests in camel-core, camel-spring, camel-ftp, or if you have the
time the full package :)

mvn clean install

For a period of time we will have both file components in Camel 2.0
(the old and the new) side by side. The idea is to keep the old in
case something was overlooked and we can switch back for comparison.
When everything works and is rock solid then we will remove the old
one and make the new the default one.

After this test and if it goes well, then we will switch to use the
NewFileComponent in Camel trunk code and run with it for a while, and
give TeamCity its chance to run extensivly test with it.

But before that I would love to iron out any obscure issues on other
platforms, than what I use (Mac OS)

Claus Ibsen
Apache Camel Committer

Open Source Integration: http://fusesource.com
Blog: http://davsclaus.blogspot.com/