Camel-jetty ssl with 2 way authentication

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Camel-jetty ssl with 2 way authentication

Hi every body,

I'm having big trouble to make  Camel-jetty ssl with 2 way authentication

Here is my route  :


<camel:sslContextParameters id="ssl">

<camel:keyManagers keyPassword="pwd">

<camel:keyStore type="PKCS12" resource="/opt/server.p12"

password="pwd" />


<camel:serverParameters clientAuthentication="REQUIRE">



<camel:keyStore resource="/opt/client.p12"

type="PKCS12" password="pwd1" />





 <from uri="jetty:;sslContextParameters=#ssl"/>

<to uri="{tourl}"/>


The route is working without the client authentication (without the
trustmanager part and )

- The certificate on the server is a signed one

- the certificate on on the client is a self-signed one. (my laptop)

When i try to access the route from browser or a java client, i have

Received fatal alert: certificate-unkown..

How would you generate the client.p12 file from the self signed
certificate ?

i searched the net during days to find a way ..but every time i try
something, i had the same error..or some times bad certificate error..

I would like to know if you have already encountred this problem

and if you have a working example to provide..

kind regards