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Hi all,

i'd like to have some feedback about the idea to develop a GridGain component for Camel. This Component will permit to invoke jobs to compute (Map & Reduce pattern) on a grid system very lightweight based as GridGain.

Working and Contributing on Mule and Globus enterprise environments (no light  :) ) i've understand the power  of Camel and just now i'd like to use it with a GridGain.

GridGain is squarelly focused on one thing - providing the best Java software middleware that allows to develop complex grid applications on the cloud infrastructure in a simple and productive way.

Integrating them it will be possible obtain Scalability feature in application with high computing throughtput requirements using Apache Camel.

Thanks in advance and sorry :(  if i correctly haven't respected all netiquettes of  forum but i 'm very excited to begin as soon as possible and i want to share it with community.

Raffaele P.