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[HEADS-UP] - ContextTestSupport and isUseRouteBuilder()

Claus Ibsen

It has bugged me for a while that ContextTestSupport didn't easily support having multiple route builders in a single unit test class.

So I tended to create new unit test classes having only 1 route builder.
However sometimes you would like it to be in the same class but using a slightly different route per test method.

And I would like to setup the route in the test method directly.

So I have changed setup() in ContextTestSupport to support this.

If you overwrite this method in your unit test class:
   public boolean isUseRouteBuilder() {
        return false;

Then you can add your routes in your test method:
public void testAggregateOutBatchSize() throws Exception {
        context.addRoutes(new RouteBuilder() {
// and you must start camel context afterwards

// and do you usually testing here

The change in ContextTestSupport is that it will not startCamelContest if isUseRouteBuilder() returns false.

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