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JavaScript Expressions

Aaron Mulder
So the last one I'm trying for tonight, JavaScript...  didn't work either.

I can get an expression to run, but this never matches any messages:

<javaScript>exchange['in'].headers['console'] == 'Wii'</javaScript>

Further, it "does something" to the exchange -- I have another bean
call after the routing in question, and when it looks at the message
it gets nulls for the header in question and the message ID.  That
didn't happen for any of the other languages.

Any ideas on this one?


P.S. The site says BeanShell is supported, but I didn't see any
elements in the XML to let you use it for an expression.  Also it
didn't look like "simple" had any operators, so that wouldn't work for
me either.  And I'm still mystified by what the "<header>" element
does in the XML...  :)