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More Camel 2.0 ideas

Claus Ibsen

Writing this quick mail to get it out of my head before it's lost to beers this weekend ;)

Annotations: We might wanna take a look what we have to offer now, and find if there are any gaps missing. Maybe we could also consider restructure the packages to have an annotation subpackage, to easier find what we got?

And at least I think we need an Annotation wiki page documenting how to use them, and with links to existing documentation. They are kinda hard to find.

Restructure of packages: We have a ticket about this. In camel 1.4 we did some work. However we did walk to far in one area I think. The file component has some META-INF classloading if .strategy classes. I think that is too far, and would like to remove this and use direct dependencies from file to file.strategy. I am worried that the classloading will bit us when we have to support Camel in OSGi, WebStart, War, WebSphere, Standalone and what else for the future. So I think a package restructure with a bit of common sense will do fine.

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