Option to know all files consumed from ActiveMQ

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Option to know all files consumed from ActiveMQ

Bikash Kaushik

I have a zip file, after splitting zip to a local path, I have to transfer
each extracted file to FTP in sequential order.
If during dropping file to FTP, there is connectivity issue, then I have to
retry 3 times, if after 3 retrials also, file not processed to FTP then
move to another path because, at the end of all file retrial that was in
zip , those were not transferred to FTP, I have to again make a zip and
send it over mail, mentioning these files were not processed to FTP.

For the retrial, I'm using ActiveMQ, but I'm not getting any option which
shows that all files have been retired and failed file moves to
another folder, so, that I can zip all files and send it over mail.


*Bikash Kaushik,*
*NIT Jamshedpur*