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Claus Ibsen-2

Yes you should do as last shown importing from camel-xpath when you
want to do a bit more configurations

On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 10:03 AM Jimmy Praet (KSZ-BCSS/eHEALTH)
<[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi,
> We are upgrading our applications to camel 3.0. We were using the xpath() methods from RouteBuilder in our code as follows:
>     .setProperty("postIntegrationCheck", xpath("//version[.='PostIntegrationCheck']").booleanResult())
>     .setProperty("ssinResult", xpath("/ssinResult").nodeResult())
> But in camel 3.0, the xpath() method of RouteBuilder returns a ValueBuilder instead of an XPathBuilder, and the .xyzResult() methods are no longer available there.
> Is the recommended approach to specify the type as follows:
>     .setProperty("postIntegrationCheck", xpath("//version[.='PostIntegrationCheck']", Boolean.class))
>     .setProperty("ssinResult", xpath("/ssinResult", Node.class))
> Or is it better to use the XPathBuilder from camel-xpath.jar as follows:
>     .setProperty("postIntegrationCheck", XPathBuilder.xpath("//version[.='PostIntegrationCheck']").booleanResult())
>     .setProperty("ssinResult", XPathBuilder.xpath("/ssinResult").nodeResult())
> Unfortunately the latter approach cannot be simplified with a static import, because the instance methods of RouteBuilder take precedence.
> Kind regards,
> Jimmy

Claus Ibsen
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