SftpEndpoint + privateKey bytes[] + poolEnrich

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SftpEndpoint + privateKey bytes[] + poolEnrich

Hi All,

I have an SftpEndpoint, which is configured to use the private key bytes (using SftpConfiguration.setPrivateKey(byte[]),  and the poolEnrich() that is using this endpoint to fetch some file.

The problem I'm facing is that poolEnrich() doesn't accept Endpoint as a parameter (accepts only String), so I have to use  SftpEndpoint.getEndpointUri() to pass the url string of configured endpoint. It creates 'safe' URI  with  filename that looks like this:   fileName=%24%7Bheader.CamelFileName%7D
And it seems like poolEnrich().simple(sftpEndpoint.getEndpointUri()) ignores the  filename expression (the wrong file is picked up from sftp), probably because there is  '%24%7' instead of '${'  and '%7D' instead of '}', but I'm not sure.

What would be the good way to make sure the Uri String generated by SftpEndpoint.getEndpointUri() is properly parsed? Or may be there is some way to pass configured Endpoint to poolEnrich?