Spring Conext Initializer Property Source in OSGi

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Spring Conext Initializer Property Source in OSGi

in the "normal" app-server case, I register a new PropertySource in the ConfigiurableWebApplicationContext using the following in the web.xml:


Then, in my SpringContextInitializer I can register my PropertySource like this:

    public void initialize(ConfigurableWebApplicationContext ctx) { 

        ctx.getEnvironment().getPropertySources().addFirst(new SpringContextInitializerPropertySource("NGMSPropertiesRoute")); 

This allows me to use properties within the Spring xml files like this:

       <import resource="${nextgate.ms.hl7v3.pdq.endpointfile}"/>

okay, so now the question:  I'm converting some of the services and Spring routes over to OSGi.  However, I can't find any reference on how to do something similar when running in the OSGi container.

any help would be greatly appreciated!