Spring-DM and ProducerTemplate

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Spring-DM and ProducerTemplate

So I have a spring file that looks something like this. I'm using Spring-DM and Camel 1.5.0. So this file is in META-INF/spring in my OSGi bundle.

    <camelContext id="camelcontext" xmlns="http://activemq.apache.org/camel/schema/spring">
            <from uri="direct:testDirect"/>
            <to uri="stream:err"/>
    <camel:template id="myCamelTemplate"/>

    <bean id="myBean" class="myClass">
        <property name="producerTemplate" ref="myCamelTemplate"/>

So what I've found is that if I sleep for a few hundred milliseconds in my bean after receiving the producer template I can then send a string to direct:testDirect and it will print out on stderr. However, if I use the template right away without sleeping I see

[SpringOsgiExtenderThread-2] WARN org.apache.camel.component.direct.DirectProducer - No getConsumers() available on Producer[direct:testDirect] for Exchange[Message: Hello World]

and no message is ever printing. Clearly there is some kind of race here. What do I need to do so that I can be positive the camel context is up and ready. I tried casting it to DefaultCamelContext and using the isStarted method but that doesn't do it. It looks like that starts returning true before everything is necessarily up and running.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you.