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Use of Nabbled (was Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Camel 1.3.0 (RC5))

Guillaume Nodet
Maybe this a temporary probem, or maybe not, but since a few days / weeks,
Nabble seems to have a long delay between the moment a mail is posted (or
from the forums) and the time it is displayed.  I would advise you to
subscribe to the mailing lists instead, as this is really the preferred mean
of communications.

On Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 12:54 PM, davsclaus <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi
> +1
> It seems that my account has some problem with these forums. My replies
> written using Nabble seems to be delayed in the acceptance process despite
> I
> have subscribed to various camel forums.
> Hadrian was really fast with the RC5.
> I do think if RC5 is released we should add CAMEL-410 on a "known issue"
> list.
> Here is my mail from the previous RC4 thread:
> I am assuming we are building a new RC for the 1.3 release?
> In that respect we have a bug CAMEL-410 that I would like to get fixed and
> included. I got the bug nailed down but want to polish and improve the
> unit
> tests before committing. I anticipate that I will be done at the end of
> the
> weekend at the latest.
> The bug is basically if you configure Camel to use 2 or more exception
> handlers, then Camel could potentially pick the worst candidate for
> handling
> the thrown exception. By that I mean eg. a top level
> .exception(Exception.class) instead of a user specific exception such as
> .exception(MyBusinessException.class).
> I am introducing a strategy to resolve which is the best exception type to
> handle the thrown exception in questions. The default strategy will be to
> use the exception that is the closets match to the thrown exception.
> eg. will match
> eg. CamelExchangeException will match CamelException
> eg. MyBusinessException will match MyBaseBusinessException
> eg. NullPointerException will match Exception
> Well you might get the picture.
> A different strategy could be to use the ordering of how the exceptions
> was
> configured. Use the fist match that can handle it etc (top-down).
> /Claus
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Guillaume Nodet