Using ConsumerTemplate to fetch files.

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Re: Using ConsumerTemplate to fetch files.

Zoran Regvart-2
Hi Dilip,
doesn't a single ftp route with fileExist=Move fulfil your
requirements? You mention that you use direct routes so starting from
a direct route with body set to payload of the new file to be uploaded
to the FTP server and CamelFileName header set to the file name:


I think you might be over thinking and creating an overly complex
solution for a relatively simple task you need to perform.

Checkout the options from file component[1] as they can be used in the
ftp component as noted in the fine documentation[2]



On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 7:31 AM, dilip.pashupathi
<[hidden email]> wrote:
> 1. At the root folder of the FTP, there is file that needs to be deleted
> 2. Before deleting that file, the file should be taken as a backup and
> placed in one of the subdirectory.
> 3. After that from the request I need read the data and produce a file that
> should be placed in the ftp root directory.

Zoran Regvart