camel-wmq: multiple queues in ont context

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camel-wmq: multiple queues in ont context

Hi everybody,

I'm facing  some strange behavior when connecting to multiple queues in one camel context.
The routes are looking as followed (included in one RouteBuilder):
    .log("Received msg from MQ: ${body}")

    .log("Sending msg to MQ: ${body}")

In case I send a couple of message to the destination queue (queue2), they will not appear there.
After I put a message into queue1, all messages also appear in queue2.

One solution would be to put every Route into its own CamelContext, but I think this should not be the way.

Any suggestion how to solve this problem is very appreciated.

I'm facing this problem with camel-wmq 2.19.0-SNAPSHOT running together with apache-servicemix 7.0.1 and apache-camel-2.16.5

Best regards,