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camel-wmq with SSL

Hi everybody,

does anybody have experience, connection to IBM-MQ using SSL and camel-wmq from apacheextras?

When trying the connection to MQManager, I receive the following response:

    2019-08-13 20:12:53,551 | ERROR | :TYPEX.XH.LHR_I2 | WMQComponent                     | 253 - gs-wmq - 19.1.6 | MQQueueManager {} on {}:{} (channel {}) MQJE001: CompletionCode '2', ReasonCode'2400'.

According to the documentation, this error should indicate an invalid CIPHER_SUITE.

But my configuration looks like that:
     connectionProperties.put(CMQC.SSL_SOCKET_FACTORY_PROPERTY, sslSocketFactory);
     connectionProperties.put(CMQC.SSL_CIPHER_SUITE_PROPERTY, "TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256");
     connectionProperties.put(CMQC.SSL_FIPS_REQUIRED_PROPERTY, false);

Also I'm setting the system-property:

I'm using camel-2.16.5 with apache-servicemix and mq-libs

I'm grateful for all help,