problem with vm component.

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problem with vm component.

Steve Pan
  I am having some issue with VM component, I am trying to migrate an old Camel 2.8 project.
Right now I am running on Camel 2.21.5, Spring 4.3.20 and JDK 11 on Tomcat 9.

I have jar A and jar B in a war file.
And Jar A and Jar B have different CamelContext.

In Jar A
I have a proxy definition in the spring XML as follow

                                <camel:proxy id="customersAdminProxy"
                                                serviceUrl="vm:customerAdminService" />

and this customersAdminProxy bean is being used on few places within the jar.

In Jar B
I have a RouteBuilder class with following route


customersAdmin has an implementation of interface xxx.CustomersAdminService

I am facing some weird issue. Some route in Jar A calling this customersAdminProxy bean seems to work, the customersAdmin bean in Jar B is being executed, but some other route calling the customersAdminProxy bean in Jar A it throws a timeout and I donĀ“t see any execute from the customersAdmin bean in Jar B, feels like the VM: from() route  in Jar B not responding or gone.
Any tips how to troubleshoot this?

Best regards
Steve Pan