[suggestion] Add camel cdi examples/tests project

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[suggestion] Add camel cdi examples/tests project

Charles Moulliard

I currently develop a maven project containing Camel CDI examples (+ test cases with arquillian in a next phase) about showing how to deploy in CDI environment no matter if it is JavaSE or J2EE.

What is really interesting is part of the container directory (https://github.com/cmoulliard/cdi-camel-example/blob/master/container/) where we can find different implementations depending if we are in JavaSE, J2EE, OSGI

- Glassfish (J2EE) - but could also be used (this is WAR) to deploy project
in JBOSS, Geronimo, ...
- Weld (JavaSE) - Standalone JavaSE - CDI container is started and beans to
be injected are added next
- DeltaSpike (JavaSE) --> openwebbeans or weld. Allow to start a main App
discovering the CDI container and next injecting the beans)
- Karaf (OSGI) - will be based on weld-osgi work and OpenEJB/OpenWebbeans
using KarafEE

I will update documentation end of this week

[suggestion] I would like to suggest that we add this project into camel but the question will be where : under : integration tests, ....

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